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Welcome to our Elite Service Experience

Our Signature Service team works exclusively with high-net-worth individuals like you. As highly trained, experienced insurance professionals we specialize in protecting your assets and lifestyle.

We understand your unique needs.

You’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth and assets. We know you require inspired solutions and superior service to safeguard your collections, fine arts, automobiles and investment properties. Our Signature team will create a tailor-made risk management plan that covers you from every perspective.

We provide creative, comprehensive insurance solutions.

To create your insurance portfolio, we take into consideration your complex financial protection requirements and personal liability risk. Our expansive reach lets us find you coverage for even the most specialized situations. Our first-rate Signature team delivers full and complete coverage.

We offer exclusive and personal service.

Providing exceptional service is what makes us stand out. We get to know you through one-on-one meetings. If you’re in a car accident, we’ll make sure you’re looked after. Our 24-hour claim service is second-to-none. As you can see, we take elite service seriously.

We take excellence to the next level.

For more than 40 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering outstanding service and quality products. As one of the top 5% of independent brokers in Canada, you can trust us to always give you balanced, thoughtful and unbiased advice. We’ve worked diligently to build strategic alliances with top-rated insurance partners worldwide. This strength lets us meet your special and distinct needs.

Luxury Auto Insurance

VIP coverage for your luxury vehicles.


Custom Home Insurance

Bespoke protection for your high value properties.


Tailored Cyber, Identity Theft & Umbrella Liability

Are you protected against digital threats? We can help.


Luxury Items & Travel Insurance

Safeguard your collections and adventures with exclusive and comprehensive insurance.


You have a team of professionals that take the time to understand your unique needs, offering 24hrs claim service, private meetings, custom appraisals, plus many more benefits.

Welcome to the Signature Service experience.

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