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We offer you exclusive discounts on the insurance you need.

Group Home & Auto Program can SAVE YOU UP TO 40% on home and auto insurance if your employer or association participates. And, if you add other policies, you can save even more.

How it Works

A Group Home & Auto Program is a simple, cost-effective way for you to get the insurance you need. We take advantage of our strong insurance relationships and the power of group buying, to offer you home and auto insurance at significantly lower rates.

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Group Home & Auto Advantages

Exclusive discounts on car and home insurance

Convenient payment plans

Fast, courteous, 24-hour claims service

Potential of extra savings

Licensed insurance representatives who provide professional insurance counselling

Qualifying Groups
Your colleagues, employer or association may be able to take advantage of our group insurance program. Quality insurance with lower premiums is a valuable benefit. Here are the groups we consider:

  • Employees working for the same employer
  • Members of skilled labour unions
  • Professional, occupational or alumni associations
  • Non-profit organizations that have existed for at least two years

We Take Care of the Details
Our team of experienced professionals can help your group develop a customized program.

Then, we’ll take care of the rest:

  •  The application process
  • Support to introduce the program
  • Employee and member educational tools
  • Professional communication materials and support

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Group Home & Auto Program

Save 40% on home and auto insurance through our group insurance program.


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