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All trade and commerce depends on the trade credit industry in some way.

Businesses that use trade credit, can buy products now and pay for them later, freeing up cash for financial growth. However, if you’re a vendor or supplier who extends this type of credit, your biggest risk is the possibility that your customers won’t pay you.

Whether you sell locally or globally, we’ll make sure you’re paid for your products or services. With our more than 35 years of insurance expertise, we can help you find trade credit coverage that addresses this risk and many more.

The right trade credit coverage can:

  • Protect against payment delinquency and customer insolvency
  • Prevent unforeseen credit losses in accounts receivable
  • Reduce exposure to political instability
  • Safeguard unpaid assets

Looking for a holistic solution for all of your accounts receivable and trade protection needs?

Our International Advantage team can help.

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Steve Evans

International Advantage Team Leader

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