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Let Us Simplify Your Benefits Administration Responsibilities

Creating, updating and managing benefits for your organization’s employees requires focus and expertise. It also takes a lot of time.

Trust us to manage and maintain your group benefits plan

By taking these demanding responsibilities off your plate, we free up time for you to focus on running a successful, resilient business. We have software solutions that track enrollment and important benefits data (hire dates, marital status, number of dependents, hours worked and attendance). Our benefits administration solution also mitigates many of the risks associated with employee benefit plan administration.


Helping You Follow the Rules
Understanding and implementing benefits plan legislation is a demanding and time-consuming job.

Save Time and Reduce Risk
Every country and province in which you operate has different employee benefits regulations. We can help you keep track of these rules and ensure your plan aligns with them. By doing this, our compliance experts save you precious time and reduce your overall plan risk.

Being fully compliant with new and existing regulations ensures you have a strong and well-designed plan. The result: happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Benefits Outsourcing

An Innovative Solution to Manage Benefits

Let us relieve the administration and enrollment headaches of running a benefits program. Bright Reach is our benefits outsourcing solution. This innovative program consists of three pillars: Benefits administration, Online enrollment and Leave of absence management. Depending on the requirements of your plan, these services can be bundled or individually selected. Our advanced approach streamlines how you manage your employee benefits, improving efficiency and bottom-line results.

Transform how you manage your employee benefits plan with Bright Reach.

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