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Whether you’re a sole owner-operator, manage a large fleet of trucks, or handle delicate cargo, we can help.

We offer a convenient package policy, combining automobile, cargo and commercial general liability coverage.

Working with trucks, trailers, and cargo can mean there’s a lot on the line – financially, legally, and with respect to your reputation. You’ll need support to handle the regulation concerns, daily risks, and safety issues that can come with the job.

  • Advantage available for both fleet & non-fleet policies, local & long haul
  • In house loss prevention and risk management
  • Comprehensive safety and compliance services
We specialize in:
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Dry van
  • Flatbed
  • Oversize trailer
  • Auto hauler
  • Livestock
  • Container
  • Tanker

Our Global Reach

Having global partners as a Canadian insurance broker benefits our international clients by providing access to a broader range of insurance products and coverage options. These partnerships enable us to offer tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and regulations of different countries, ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients’ diverse assets and operations.

Our global network facilitates quicker claims processing and assistance, fostering a seamless experience for our clients, no matter where they conduct their business activities.

The ways we protect your business and life

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We offer your company extensive industry expertise to help you reduce risk at competitive rates.


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Our team’s collective expertise finds you the best solutions to protect your assets. We’ll find you the coverage you need.


Employee Benefits

Retain and attract talent by partnering with us to provide  your custom-made group benefits and retirement savings solutions.


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