Tailored Digital & Umbrella Liability Protection (VIP Exclusive)

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Secure your assets and lifestyle from digital attacks and litigation.


Considering your wealth and high-net-worth, a lawsuit, cyber-attack or identity theft could have grave consequences. Our Signature Service team will take the time to understand all of your exposures and help you put in place complete, tailored coverage to mitigate your risks.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Due to our incredible reliance on technology, we are all exposed to cyber risks. Anyone can be a target of ransomware, identity theft or cyberbullying. Our team has extensive experience in this area. We can recommend ways to protect you and your family, put coverage in place to compensate for any loss, and, after an attack, we can put our expertise into action to help you recover. Cyber Risk Insurance isn’t only for businesses – it’s for you and your family.

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Identify Theft Insurance

The collateral damage of identity theft can be financially and emotionally devastating. We fully understand how this theft can impact your life – cleared out accounts, personal information used fraudulently, collection notices and ruined credit ratings. We want to ensure you’re protected. You can trust us to give you reliable advice and to put the right coverage in place for you and everyone in your household.

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Personal Umbrella Liability

You don’t need to be a high-net-worth individual to be sued but, the more assets you have, the more susceptible you are to this risk. And, believe us, one lawsuit can change everything. If you’re held responsible for an accident or an injury, the settlement could be more than what your home or auto insurance covers. Our team will examine your exposures thoroughly and recommend the proper Personal Umbrella Liability to add to your existing policies.

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Luxury Auto Insurance

VIP coverage for your luxury vehicles.


Custom Home Insurance

Bespoke protection for your high value properties.


Tailored Cyber, Identity Theft & Umbrella Liability

Are you protected against digital threats? We can help.


Luxury Items & Travel Insurance

Safeguard your collections and adventures with exclusive and comprehensive insurance.


You have a team of professionals that take the time to understand your unique needs, offering 24hrs claim service, private meetings, custom appraisals, plus many more benefits.

Welcome to the Signature Service experience.

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