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Get the specialized insurance you need, with the elite service you’ve come to expect.


When you travel you expect 5-star service for everything – including your insurance. You also require exclusive VIP insurance solutions for your precious collections and items to ensure their true value is safeguarded. Our Signature Service team will take care of all your protection needs with the elite service you’ve come to expect.

Collections Insurance

What you collect – rare coins, valuable antiques, sports memorabilia – is important to you. Your special collection could also be extremely valuable. But your homeowner’s insurance may not give you the coverage you need to protect these precious objects. We can help you safeguard your unique collections by finding you the specialized insurance you require.

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Fine Art, Furs & Jewelry Insurance

If you have valuable items in your home, you may assume that they are protected for damage, theft or loss through your homeowner’s policy. The truth is, your home insurance most likely won’t cover you fully for items such as fine art or precious jewelry. Through our immense network, we can find you comprehensive, tailor-made insurance. Even though we can’t replace the emotional value of these cherished items, we can make sure their true monetary value is covered.

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Out-of-Country Medical Insurance

You’re going to live or work outside of the country for at least a year! It’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you’re excited to start your adventure. But, have you thought about your health care while you’re abroad? Not to worry, we can help you build a custom plan that addresses all your (and your family’s) needs. We want you to savour all the experiences that global citizenship provides.

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Travel Insurance

Are you counting down the days until your big trip? If you haven’t thought about Travel Insurance yet, you should. From the time you booked your trip until you return home, anything can happen. We can help you prepare for the unexpected with coverage that takes into account every aspect of your vacation. Our objective: For you to fully enjoy your adventure, worry-free.

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Wine Collection Insurance

You’ve spent years collecting wine from around the world, of every vintage and every price. For you, wine is not only a passion, it’s an investment. If your inventory is worth more than $1,000, we can help you obtain additional insurance to safeguard its true value.

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Luxury Auto Insurance

VIP coverage for your luxury vehicles.


Custom Home Insurance

Bespoke protection for your high value properties.


Tailored Cyber, Identity Theft & Umbrella Liability

Are you protected against digital threats? We can help.


Luxury Items & Travel Insurance

Safeguard your collections and adventures with exclusive and comprehensive insurance.


You have a team of professionals that take the time to understand your unique needs, offering 24hrs claim service, private meetings, custom appraisals, plus many more benefits.

Welcome to the Signature Service experience.

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