Luxury Auto Insurance (VIP Exclusive)

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Superior protection for your high-end vehicles.


Through Lawrie Insurance Group’s Signature Services, you have exclusive access to VIP coverage for your luxury vehicles, including antique, collector and recreational cars, as well as motorcycles and motor homes. We keep you on the road in style.

Automobile Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you have an economy, mid-range or luxury car, you need insurance. However, what you’re looking for in terms of auto insurance may vary depending on the type of car you drive. We can help you understand all your options and find you the best coverage possible. Plus, when your policy is up for renewal, we’ll let you know if there’s better coverage.

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Antique & Collector Vehicle Insurance

Do you collect or rebuild old cars? Once an antique or classic car is road worthy, it can be a substantial asset. To protect these extraordinary automobiles, you’ll need the right insurance. Let us find you the best coverage to safeguard your prized vehicles.

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ATV, Snowmobile & Motorcycle Insurance

It doesn’t matter if it’s an ATV, a snowmobile or a motorcycle, you like to ride. Since this passion comes with risk, you need reliable insurance. Wherever you are – in the wilderness, on snow trails or on the wide open road – we work hard to find you the coverage you need.

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Power & Sail Boat Insurance

When you’re enjoying a carefree day on the water, it’s hard to imagine anything could go wrong. But boating accidents do happen. Having insurance protects your vessel and you from the costs of accident-related damages and injuries. With more than 35 years of insurance experience, we have the expertise and connections to navigate your coverage requirements.

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Motorhome, RV & Trailer Insurance

Having a luxury motorhome, a camper van or a tent trailer lets you hit the road when and where you want. Don’t let an accident get in the way of your freedom. Our team of experts can set you up with insurance that covers the costs of damage and personal property. We want you to enjoy your adventure, worry-free.

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Luxury Auto Insurance

VIP coverage for your luxury vehicles.


Custom Home Insurance

Bespoke protection for your high value properties.


Tailored Cyber, Identity Theft & Umbrella Liability

Are you protected against digital threats? We can help.


Luxury Items & Travel Insurance

Safeguard your collections and adventures with exclusive and comprehensive insurance.


You have a team of professionals that take the time to understand your unique needs, offering 24hrs claim service, private meetings, custom appraisals, plus many more benefits.

Welcome to the Signature Service experience.

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