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Our Group Refund Insurance Program (GRIP) helps you reduce your benefits plan costs and risks. You could also receive a refund on your health insurance premiums!

The GRIP Advantage

GRIP, a multi-employer co-operative, is an innovative solution that allows qualifying companies to pool their health and dental benefits under one large umbrella. By coming together to create a group benefits plan, participants pay lower expenses and share in the overall risk of the plan. GRIP is an easy and affordable way to offer valuable benefits to your employees.

The program, or co-operative, is co-owned and controlled by its members. Committed to financial transparency and accountability, an audit is conducted for each member company. If the premiums paid into the plan are higher than the claims made, the surplus is refunded to the members. If claims are higher than expected, member companies don’t need to pay the shortfall as the co-operative provides deficit forgiveness.


Other benefits:

  • Stable renewals
  • Flat and competitive pooling charges
  • Full transparency of calculations
  • Straightforward negotiations
  • Refunds on life insurance
  • Drug rebates
  • Ability to work with multiple carriers

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Group Refund Insurance Program (GRIP)

Reduce benefit plan costs and risks with GRIP.


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