5 Easy Tips to Spend More Time Outdoors

Most of us don’t need reminding of the benefits and appeal of being outside on a gorgeous spring day. We know time spent in nature is good for the mind and body from childhood memories of playing outside. But, what many of us don’t know is how we’ll possibly find time in already packed days actually to spend more time outdoors. Here are a few suggestions on how we can.

Take your ‘office’ outside

Working at home or corporate HQ, think about what you could do outdoors instead of at your desk. Take your laptop to your balcony or backyard- even to check your emails. Make a meeting a walk; Have breaks or lunch outside. A quick coffee run gives you a few precious minutes of fresh air. Brainstorm on a bench – on your own or with a colleague. You may be surprised by how a new venue can spark new ideas.

Change up plans with family and friends

For quick catch-ups, regular gatherings or taking care of loved ones, suggest a change from the norm. Schedule a walk instead of a phone call, meet the group at an outdoor café, or sit in the park or on the porch instead of in the living room for a change. It will do everyone good, especially the people in our lives who might not otherwise get themselves outside due to health, work, or other demands.

Run errands locally

Instead of your usual trip to the big box stores or the mall, walk (or run) to shops in your neighbourhood or near the office. While you’re getting outdoor time and your chores done, you’re also doing good for the environment and the small businesses you support. It’s a healthy habit for all concerned.

Take care of your kids (or your inner child) with more time outside

Do homework or story time outside. Make dinner a picnic, even on weeknights. Help everyone decompress before with quiet time outdoors. Teens spend up to 7 hours a day on screens, which links to a higher likelihood of depression and anxiety—trade screen time for green time. Leave devices behind; watch the birds, the breeze in the trees and the sunset instead.

Make an outside time routine

Schedule standing commitments with yourself and others. It’s all too easy to reach the end of the day before the end of the to-do list and promise ourselves, yet again, that we’ll do it ‘tomorrow.’ You don’t have to take the whole day off for an epic hike.


How fortunate are we to live in beautiful Canada where time outdoors is possible and safe!

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