Auto Insurance  101: Tips to Help You Save

Auto insurance seems like a necessary evil to many of us. We don’t want to spend money on it – and yet, if we’re going to drive a vehicle we own, we must have insurance in place. With the cost of living on the rise, it has never been more valuable to find ways to save more and saving on your auto insurance is easier than you think!

Here are five ways to help you save right from the inception of your policy:

1) Compare Quotes

 We all know the real estate mantra ‘location, location, location.’ When it comes to your auto insurance, the best way to save is ‘compare, compare, compare.’ If you are only getting one quote from a single carrier, are you confident that is the lowest rate out there?

For example, at Lawrie Insurance Group, we have over 15 insurance partners to shop for your unique needs and compare coverages to ensure you have the best policy at the best rate.

2) Bundle Up!

Do you drive more than one vehicle? Or live with someone else who has their own auto? Or rent or own a home? 

Not only is it important to have insurance for what you drive and where you live, but when you combine these policies with the same carrier, you save!

Our Brokers are dedicated to helping you navigate how to protect your assets best while going easy on your wallet.

3) Review Your Driving Habits

The distance you go and what you use your vehicle for play a factor in your rates. 

For example, if you work from home or don’t use your vehicle to get to work – your auto should be rated as pleasure use. If you only drive a short distance back and forth, say 5-10km, your rate should be less than if you drove to another city regularly or take long road trips frequently. 

Talk to us about how much you drive and find out if you can benefit from a low mileage discount.

4) Discounts

There are tons of discounts! Auto insurance discounts can vary between carriers, but our Brokers are experts on our insuring partners, so ask! Just like there are discounts for bundling and lesser commutes, there are discounts for graduating licensing, claims-free records, and experienced drivers; even your occupation could have a group discount!

5) Usage-Based Insurance

Many carriers will also provide enrollment discounts and lower rates to reward drivers with good driving habits. 

These are called Usage Based or Telematics programs. Through an app on your smartphone or perhaps a device installed in your car, habits such as quick accelerations, hard braking, and the time of day you drive are monitored and can lead to huge savings! 

What’s the best auto insurance coverage for you?

Talk to an expert LIG Broker today to review your insurance, discuss these ways to save and learn more!