Whether you are heading across the country or across the globe, you may be considering travel insurance to protect yourself. It is imperative you understand how travel insurance works and what questions can help you find the right policy for your specific needs. Some of the most important questions to ask include:

  • Does the insurance cover my destination? Travel insurance policies may have exclusions for different areas of the globe or for specific types of destinations such as sports travel.
  • What does the policy cover? Travel insurance should cover a broad range of services including health issues you develop while traveling. Make sure the policy has coverage for pre-existing conditions where applicable.
  • Do you offer coverage for children? if you are planning a vacation with children, oftentimes they develop an illness that makes travel impossible. While you will most likely need confirmation they are too sick to travel, make sure your policy covers this type of incident.
  • Do you offer coverage for unforeseen weather? Let’s face it, winter weather can wreak havoc on travel plans. not only can it cause a simple delay but in some cases, flights can be cancelled. Travel policies should have coverage for weather-related delays and cancellations.
  • Do you offer coverage for lost luggage and personal belongings? Travel policies often have specific limits on the amount of coverage for loss of luggage and personal belongings while you are on holiday. Determine early on if you need additional coverage.

Whether you are flying across the country or across the globe, travel insurance can help you with unexpected issues that can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. Depending on the length of your trip, how far ahead you are planning and what your destination is, travel insurance can help protect your hard-earned savings. Before determining if travel insurance is appropriate for your needs, talk to your insurance broker and find out what policies are available. Asking the right questions can help you get the coverage you need.