Hi there! I'm Sue Ramsay - the new General Manager of the HHCA. It's been a real whirlwind since I joined the association in September; I have lots to learn and everything feels like a top priority. But my highest priority is recognizing our members and thanking companies like yours for your continued support. We know you have lots of places to spend your money and your time - we're grateful you're spending them with us. Enclosed you'll find a membership certificate recognizing your company as a member in good standing with the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association. Moving forward you can expert to receive one each year. We hope you'll display them proudly. We're committed to helping all of our members build their businesses and succeed; our goal is to be a resource to you and your company. Now and int the coming years I'm hoping to make changes that will bring you even more value for your membership dollars. If you have feedback, questions, suggestions or complaints please get in touch. We want to hear from you and we want to help. Thanks again for your membership in the HHCA; we look forward to working with you.