Sticker Shock-  Drivers Still Need To Renew Ontario License Plate

Ontario Motorists have a new sticking point when it comes to their license plate and driver’s license renewals.

On March 13, 2022, the Ontario Government eliminated the need for license plate stickers for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds. The government also eliminated the fees associated with license plate renewals.

While vehicle owners may not have to pay for their license plate renewal, they still MUST RENEW their license plates annually. And if that wasn’t enough, the Ontario Government is no longer mailing out notices for driver’s license renewals.

Those who do not renew their plates face stiff penalties and fines. 

The easiest way to renew your plate is through Service Ontario – Plate Renewal or visit any Service Ontario location.

In addition to the license plates, the Ontario Government is no longer mailing driver’s license renewals notices. They can also be renewed online at Service Ontario – Driver’s License Renewal.

If you do not renew your driver’s license, you and the vehicle risk not being covered in the event of a claim. One of the statutory conditions of your Auto Policy states that the ‘operator of the vehicle must be authorized by law to drive.’ If you don’t have a valid license, you are not authorized by law to operate any vehicle. This also applies to anyone driving your vehicle.

Here are some tips and suggestions for remembering to renew your license plates and driver’s license:

1. Add a reminder to your calendar (Outlook, phone, etc.) as a reoccurring annual appointment

2. Write it in your appointment book.

*All the above information is a courtesy to our Lawrie Insurance Group customers. Those should not use this information as a replacement for current information found on the Service Ontario website.

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