Prioritizing Your Mental Health Through Your Commute

Let’s be honest- Long commutes can be quite daunting. Whether your mode of  transportation to the office be car, subway or bus, mostly everyone can agree it’s their least favourite part of their work week. Now that most people are returning to in-person work, we are all trying to pass the time. Why not take the opportunity to take time for yourself?

Here are some tips that all commuters can incorporate into their daily lives to make their journey a healthy one:

  1.  Listen to podcasts or audiobooks that interest you. Here are some podcasts we recommend:

How to Be a Better Human –  (Apple Podcasts & Spotify

Ten Percent Happier 

More than a Feeling 


The Morning Ritual – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible 

Routines & Ruts 

2. Disconnect completely. Studies show that time off from technology makes you more mindful and productive. You may even start looking forward to turning off your phone once a day or more. 

3. Listen to music. An upbeat or soothing playlist can put you in the mood for the day ahead or help you unwind at the end after work.

4. Bring snacks. Treat yourself to healthy foods or premium coffee to upgrade your travel experience.

5. Practice driving meditations. Practicing a presentation repeatedly leads to mental block during your presentation. Creating a calm headspace will relieve any stress that you might have going into your presentation. To create a calm mindset, listen to driving meditations that can be found online or through popular meditation apps.

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