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To mitigate your risks so you can create a more resilient business.

We work with businesses in some of the world’s most multifaceted industries. Our experience lets us identify the business risks your company faces on a daily basis. We then use our niche-focused creativity to find bespoke solutions to protect you against these ever-changing risks.

As an independent broker, we are passionate about doing the right thing for you. Our certified risk managers and brokering team create the best coverages for your business, at the market’s best rates. Our claims advocacy team fights to ensure your claims are processed and paid promptly.


Lawrie Insurance Group helps your business reach new heights. Whether you manufacture aircraft or you operate an airline, you need a specialized risk management strategy. We have the expertise and the global connections to help you safeguard your business. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your aviation protection needs? You need our AeroTech Advantage. Contact Us
Builders Risk
As a contractor or builder, having insurance protection for your projects is absolutely critical. We can make sure you have the right Builders Risk Insurance coverage to protect your buildings and materials. The last thing you want is damage, loss or theft to slow down construction or renovations. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your building protection needs? You need our Developers Advantage. Contact Us
Business Interruption
We’re living in a complicated world where losses from natural disasters to cyber-attacks can impact businesses and lives. Business Interruption Insurance protects your company from disruption due to unexpected events. Our experts can help you put the coverage you need in place to safeguard your income, profits and expenses until you’re back up and running. Contact Us
Cargo and Marine
What would happen to your company if an entire shipment were lost, damaged or destroyed? Cargo and Marine Insurance protects your products and your clients’ products, during shipping, whether by land, sea or air. Regardless of your industry or your shipping method, we can help you find the right solutions for your business. Contact Us
Commercial Auto & Vehicle
Have you ever thought about the risks you’re exposed to every time your company vehicle leaves the parking lot? Bad weather, road conditions and other drivers jeopardize your employee’s safety, along with your business. We can help you find the right Commercial Auto/Vehicle Insurance to protect your company vehicles from theft, vandalism, damage or collision. With proper coverage your company can survive these and other risks. Contact Us
As a business owner, being protected from loss due to fraud and other dishonest acts is critical to your success. You can rely on our expertise to find Crime Insurance that protects you from fraudulent activities. We can make sure threats such as theft, forgery, misappropriation of funds or cyber fraud don’t impact the success of your business. Contact Us
Cyber Risk
Any business that stores data on a network needs Cyber Risk Insurance. Cyber-attacks can compromise employee and client information, damage your computer systems and, ultimately, lead to financial loss. Since there’s not a standard cyber-risk policy for all businesses, our team of experts can help you wade through all the options to determine what your organization needs. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your data and network protection needs? You need our Connexion Advantage. Contact Us

Each new project, whether small or large, offers vast opportunities – and risks.

As development and construction experts we can help you reduce the overall risk on all of your projects. Our tailored offerings include risk evaluation and loss prevention.

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Directors and Officers Liability
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects organizations, and their leaders, from a multitude of allegations as well as statutory liabilities and penalties resulting from their actions – and inactions – associated with the businesses they oversee. By obtaining the appropriate coverage, we can help you safeguard the future of your business as well as your leaders’ personal assets. Contact Us
Employers Liability
This insurance protects you from any job-related injuries or illnesses that are not covered, or not adequately covered, under Workers’ Compensation or General Liability. Your employees are your most critical asset. We know you want to keep them safe, but accidents do happen. We can help you put this additional coverage in place so you, and your team, are protected from all angles. Contact Us
Employment Practices Liability
From the moment you interview your first employee, you have employment related liabilities. Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects you from claims related to wage/hour disputes, discrimination, harassment or human rights actions, retaliation and unlawful termination. This insurance covers losses and pays for high defense costs (which can be thousands of dollars). As an industry leader in employment practices liability, we’ll review all of your employee related exposures and find the coverage you need. Contact Us
Environmental Liability
There are more environmental sensitivities and regulations now than ever before. If there’s any possibility your business practices could contaminate the environment, then consider adding Environmental liability Insurance. This policy covers sudden or gradual pollution, cleanup costs, bodily injury as well as property damage. Once we’ve helped you assess your organization’s environmental impact, we’ll find the best protection possible. Contact Us
Equipment Breakdown
If you experience any business equipment breakdown (computers, production machinery, construction equipment, HVAC systems and refrigeration equipment), Equipment Breakdown Insurance can cover business losses and the cost of expensive repairs. By providing you the proper insurance, we help your business avoid any loss of income and productivity. Contact Us
Errors & Omissions
If, through your business, you give professional advice or provide a service, you most likely need Errors & Omissions Insurance. This insurance protects your company, and your employees, from any errors, omissions or misleading statements. We can help your company avoid any significant financial losses by obtaining the appropriate coverage that corresponds to your business. Contact Us
Garage Auto Liability
Garage Auto Liability Insurance covers any injury or damage that occurs through your business operations arising from vehicles in your business’s care, custody or control. As insurance experts, we understand the unique nature of this insurance. We can find a garage auto liability policy that addresses your needs, at the right price. Contact Us
General Liability
General Liability Insurance protects you against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people or property. If you own a business, drive a car or have a practice (law, medicine, dentistry), you should have a general liability policy. Considering the scope and depth of this type of insurance, our experience and knowledge can help you determine your overall coverage needs. And we’ll ensure you have the best protection, at the best price. Contact Us
Kidnap & Ransom (K&R)
If you, or your employees, travel to countries where kidnapping is a prevalent risk, you should think about getting Kidnap & Ransom Insurance. We can help you set up this policy so you’re protected from any financial loss you may incur from kidnapping, extortion and ransom demands. Important tip: don’t tell anyone you have K & R Insurance as it raises your risk of being kidnapped and may void your policy. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your protection needs outside the country? You need our International Advantage. Contact Us
Political Risk
With trade wars, cyber-attacks and protest movements on the rise, we live in difficult political times. Political Risk Insurance protects your employees, income, assets and operations from dangerous political events. Some threats covered include: political violence, expropriation, currency inconvertibility and non-payment. Regardless of the size of your business, we can safeguard your business from political instability. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your protection needs outside the country? You need our International Advantage. Contact Us
Product Recall
As a manufacturer, or a business involved in supply distribution, Product Recall Insurance is essential for your business. With our experience and connections, we can protect you from any losses related to customer notification, shipping costs and disposal costs. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your product protection needs? You need our ManuTech Advantage. Contact Us
This insurance protects your business from damage to your physical assets due to unforeseen events. From large building schedules to complex equipment, our experts can help you assess the property values exposed to potential loss, identify hazards and find you the appropriate coverage to protect your business so you can recover from loss. Contact Us
Many contracts require a financial guarantee that can be addressed with surety bonding including customs as well as excise bonds to lost documents bonds. Our experts can help facilitate contract bonding with flexible terms and higher aggregate limits through our preferred Surety Agreements. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your contract protection needs? You need our Developers Advantage. Contact Us
Trade Credit
When you enter into trade credit agreements there’s a chance you won’t get paid. We can help you put Trade Credit Insurance in place to protect your business’s accounts receivable from loss due risks like default, insolvency or bankruptcy. Looking for a holistic solution for your accounts receivable and trade protection needs? You need our International Advantage. Contact Us
Umbrella & Excess
Many businesses are not adequately protected by the limits placed on their Commercial General Liability Insurance. Umbrella Insurance provides coverage beyond the limit of one or more liability policies. Excess Insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage on one underlying liability policy when it reaches its limit. Umbrella & Excess Insurance can be applied to your General Liability Insurance as well as Employer’s Liability Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance. Let us help you understand the complexities of this insurance and find you the best coverage. Contact Us
War & Terrorism
If you conduct business in countries with unstable political reputations, you should think seriously about adding War & Terrorism Insurance to your risk management plan. This insurance covers losses caused by civil unrest, invasion, insurrection, terrorist attacks, hijacking, illegal incarceration and political violence. Our team of experts can find you coverage to safeguard against these dangers and more. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your protection needs outside the country? You need our International Advantage. Contact Us
Workers' Compensation
If you have operations in the U.S., you’ll need Workers’ Compensation Insurance for your employees who work south of the border. We know that workplace injuries happen. That’s why we want to protect your business with a workers’ compensation policy that protects your business and compensates your employees. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your protection needs outside the country? You need our International Advantage. Contact Us
Wrap-up Liability
Wrap-Up Insurance is a way to protect your projects and your workers. Think of it as a blanket policy that “wraps-up” or combines General Liability and Excess Liability. We can help you broaden your coverage to increase worker safety and, in the long term, lower costs. Normally, this program runs for the length of a project. Looking for a holistic solution for all of your building protection needs? You need our Developers Advantage. Contact Us


Claims Advocacy
When the unexpected happens, we work for you. We live in a world that changes every day. We don’t know when the worst will occur. But, you can trust our Claims Advantage team to support you and your business, especially when you have a claim. We use every advantage and tool – our knowledge, expertise and contacts – to get the best possible results for you. Contact Us
Enterprise Risk Management
Threats, dangers and hazards can interfere with your company’s operations and objectives. Let our team of experts help you create your Enterprise Risk Management Strategy. We assess and prioritize all the relevant company and industry risks to implement control measures to mitigate your exposure to those risks. We then help you make decisions on the risk transfer and insurance options you need to manage them. Contact Us
Group Home & Auto Program
You and our employees could save up to 40% on home and auto insurance through this group program. We take advantage of our strong insurance relationships and the power of group buying to offer you and your employees home and auto insurance at significantly lower rates. Quality insurance with lower premiums is a great employee benefit. Plus, we take care of most of the administrative duties. Really, it’s a win-win. Learn more about our Group Home & Auto Program. Contact Us
International Placement
Put our extensive global network of insurance providers to work for you. Regardless of where you do business, we can help you establish a customized international insurance program that protects your operations and your employees globally. With our world-wide connections, we can protect your company from costly losses with boots on the ground in any continent you operate in. Contact Us
Mergers & Acquisitions
Customized Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance solutions can help you reach a success deal. When making your merger or acquisition plan, you need to think about the risks and insurance issues that can affect your negotiations. We have the experience to help you avoid contract, tax or litigation risks that can jeopardize the success of this significant transaction. Contact Us
Property & Casualty Risk Services
Having the right property and casualty protection can help your business survive when a disaster happens. This insurance program often bundles different policies such as Crime, Cyber Liability, Errors and Omissions, General Liability, Property and Workers’ Compensation. Our property and casualty risk experts work with you to determine the coverage you need so you’re protected on all fronts. Contact Us
Transportation Fleet Risk Services
A comprehensive, tailor-made fleet risk management strategy will keep your vehicles on the road. We can help you build a risk management program that specifically addresses your business’s unique transportation exposures. By taking into account factors like vehicle maintenance, training, and performance, we’ll give you recommendations that protect your fleet and your profits. Contact Us
Workplace Safety
A proactive workplace safety program protects your employees and promotes productivity. By assessing your business’s safety exposures, we can help you develop a tailor-made program that includes policies, procedures and training. Together we can decrease the number on-the-job accidents as well as compensation costs. As an added bonus: your employees will appreciate that you care about their safety. Contact Us


Kim Berdinsky
Sr Director Benefits, Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.

LIG has been a truly fantastic partner for our US-based company with thorough knowledge and guidance in all things Canada benefits and leave management – from compliance, administration and financial management to market competitive analysis and strategic perspectives.

They’ve been especially nimble to our needs in this very trying business environment. As a benefits leader, it has been quite comforting to know that we can rely on LIG to guide us to the right benefit solutions for our Canada associates. And it’s a bonus that they are fun to work with!

Anita Farrell
Controller, Javelin Technologies

Lawrie Insurance Group understands our business and makes appropriate suggestions on insurance to cover our risks. We rely on their team to review contracts & leases and provide valuable insurance guidance.

Their commitment to outstanding customer service, tremendously fast response time, and consistent and excellent services, is the reason we choose LIG. I would gladly highly recommend LIG to anyone who might want to talk with me.

Eric L. Hoffman
President, Activation Laboratories Ltd.

The relationship has been absolutely flawless. Lawrie Insurance Group always manages to help us in choosing the right coverage that matches our risk exposure. We are extremely pleased to recommend their organization to interested parties.

Blair McGibbon
CFO, Ascend Fundraising Solutions, Inc.

Ascend FS has partnered with LIG since 2015 for Risk Guidance and Insurance Services in Canada and Internationally. When negotiating an important contract, we make sure to involve them and are considered part of our team. From the executive team to the service team I am so impressed by how they invest their time in getting to know their clients.

I highly recommend Lawrie Insurance Group to any business looking for a dedicated broker with a professional and personal touch.

Bogdan Frusina
CFO, Ascend Fundraising Solutions, Inc.

The excellence of their (LIG) work has been demonstrated many times by their ability to provide cost effective and timely solutions to our insurance program. Their ability to rapidly handle some difficult problems has been impressive and we have greatly appreciated our working relationship with LIG.

Eric Waxman
Chief Investment Officer, Spark Power Corp

As our business began to grow from a start-up business, we found that our existing broker was no longer able to meet our needs.  We performed a search that included larger regional brokers as well as national and international brokers.  We settled on Lawrie Insurance Group (LIG), and have not regretted our choice.  They are able to provide us with “large” brokerage experience and expertise as well as access to all the same insurance products, but we are always treated like their most important client.

Jim Long
President, Comtrad Strategic Sourcing Inc.

Comtrad has been working with the Lawrie team now for nearly 8 years for all of our insurance and benefits requirements. Their customer service has been excellent and prompt in providing solutions to our evolving and growing business.

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