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We are Lawrie Insurance Group.

We help protect what matters most so you can thrive in business and life.

We have 40 years of insurance experience. By being experts in commercial insurance, personal insurance and employee benefits, we are one of the largest and most trusted independent brokers in Canada.

Industry experts.

Our team of over 120 employees, and counting, are experts in some of the world’s most dynamic industries. We’ve created industry solutions and personal programs for your specific needs. You can even find services that are only offered through us.

We’re global.

We have grown organically from our southern Ontario operations. Today, we work with every major insurer in the world and have a global network of brokers. With this vast reach, we can create leading-edge solutions for all your needs. Just ask us…we can do anything.


Since we’re not owned by any of the big insurance companies, we don’t answer to anyone but you – our client. You can trust us to give you unbiased advice based solely on your needs. We work to protect what matters most to you: your family, your business and your lifestyle. We’re on your side.

With you every step of the way.

We ask relevant questions to understand what’s important to you. This is how we help manage your business and life risks. As your partner, we give you sound professional advice based on what you truly need.

Quick Facts

100% independent and one of the largest, most trusted insurance brokerages in Canada

120+ employees specializing in all areas of business and personal insurance

Over 40 years serving clients
(founded in 1982)

10,000+ clients including all types of businesses, individuals and families, and professional service organizations

60+ insurance partners globally, enabling us to find you the right insurer and product

Completely Canadian owned and operated

Our Values

Our five straight-forward values shape and drive our everyday actions, and tell you what to expect from us. These are guideposts for how we work with our clients, and with each other.


We are passionate about our clients, our employees, our business and our community.


We have an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. Always.


We do it right the first time.


Our strong team culture and creativity inspire success.


In everything we do, we strive to create a better world.

Our History

A Tradition of Independence

Independence has always been important to us. Even though we started working in insurance in 1978 as part of an existing brokerage, we officially became an independent broker on June 1, 1982. From the start, our team of five employees worked diligently to deliver personal and commercial insurance based only on their clients’ needs. That’s how we became “the name you can trust for insurance.”

Now, with more than 120 employees, we are still one of the most trusted insurance organizations in Canada – not to mention one of the largest. While we retained, and strengthened, our “family” values, we’ve broadened our global reach.

Over the years, we built lasting relationships with every major insurer in the world as well as with an international network of brokers. This gives us a unique advantage: we can give you the personal attention of a multi-generational family business with all the services of an international insurance firm.


Our Global Reach

Having global partners as a Canadian insurance broker benefits our international clients by providing access to a broader range of insurance products and coverage options. These partnerships enable us to offer tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and regulations of different countries, ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients’ diverse assets and operations.

Additionally, our global network facilitates quicker claims processing and assistance, fostering a seamless experience for our clients, no matter where they conduct their business activities.

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We’re here to answer any questions you have about our products and services.